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Bring a taste of Brazil to your home, party or event with our handmade brigadeiro and traditional cakes.

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Olá Amigos

Little Sweet Brazil brings high quality chocolate from Brazil in order to properly create that delicious, soft, flavourful and fudgy aspect for our traditional recipes. We emphasize that our delicacies must be handmade with love and authenticity. Not only we make our catering for the joy of catering, but also for the pleasure to see the client’s happiness.


At Little Sweet Brazil, we pride ourselves from our expertly chosen selection of chocolates and raw ingredients directly from Brazil.


We then create delicious delicacies such as brigadeiros, chocolate truffles and cakes directly in Australia - including candies that are vegan and gluten free.


Lastly, Little Sweet Brazil delivers to your desired location. Our products are perfect for birthdays, parties, weddings or company events.

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A taste of Brazil to your home, office or event

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